The best tips on how to travel with kids

Don't forget your baby wipes

As you'll discover when reading Anushka's 39 unexpected uses for baby wipes, baby wipes can be used in all kinds of situations. On a long car journey, they can be used to mop up spills, clean grubby hands or clean the car. Don't forget to pack them!

Put your dice in a see-through container

Grab a tiny see-through plastic snack container and put your dice / die inside. This way, the kids can play games, roll and the die will never be lost in the footwell again.

Make a DIY mobile phone holder

You don't need to buy an expensive mobile phone holder. Use a trusty elastic band instead! Thread your band into the vent and then slip your phone through. Now your passenger can scroll through the music selection with ease. For other amazing tips, visit Anushka's 35 incredibly smart uses for elastic bands you need to know.

Create an I-Spy checklist

Get on the computer and create a fun checklist of things your children have to see and tick off. Consider types of cars, places, animals - whatever you want! Include pictures to make it more exciting.

Washable window markers

Keep the kids entertained with a pack of Washable Crayola Window Crayons from Amazon. They can draw all over the window and to keep the entertained for hours, give them themes which they have to follow - for example, 'Farmyard' or 'Space'. You can judge the winner!

Take a screenshot of the route before travelling

If you're using your mobile phone to get your from A-B, make sure you take screenshots of and maps and route details so if you find yourself without Wi-Fi you'll still be able to find your way.

Cupcake liners

This is a genius tip! Use cupcake liners to help keep your cupholders clean and organised. If you've got a long journey with lots of toll roads then they're the perfect place to store all your loose change in.

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