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The most exciting drive tours in Europe

Romantische Strasse, Germany

With its fairy-tale castles, palaces, imposing walled towns and natural wonders, this winding route through the southern German states of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg didn’t earn its name lightly. There’s architectural romance from the outset at Würzburg’s Residenz, a palace whose grand central staircase is overtopped by a vast ceiling fresco of the four continents, by Tiepolo.

Trollstigen, Norway

This beautiful mountain pass road is known as the Troll Route, and is famous for being one of the most scenic European road trips. From mountains to waterfalls, drivers will be able to experience the beauty of Norway while traveling from Åndalsnes and Valldalen in the heart of the country.

The best driving trips in Europe

Normandy, France

The Normandy coast, best known for its role in the D-Day landings, is a must visit for history buffs. Begin the trip in Etretat for a walk along the white chalky cliffs with views of Natural sea arches. Seaside towns, in particular Honfleur and Trouville-sur-Mer, are worth a stop.

Reykjavik, Iceland (The Ring Road)

Iceland is a country full of natural wonders; a stunning patchwork of majestic glaciers, cracked lava fields, gushing geysers, vibrant green fjords, dramatic waterfalls and geothermal lagoons.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland, has so many beautiful sites to explore, including its famous castle that sits on top of an ancient volcano mount right in the heart of the city.

The most important tips on how to travel by car

Anticipate trouble spots

If you are grinding out long miles on a road trip, it’s not hard to find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time—like trying to cross the Hudson River at rush hour or driving the long bridges to Key West on the Friday afternoon of Memorial Day weekend.

Don't drink your beer before the trip

If you don’t know this one, shame on you. Never drink any alcohol before your trip. While you may not become intoxicated from one beer, you will become sleepy.

Roads less traveled

Highways might be fast, but you’ll miss a lot. If possible (given time and terrain), take the road less traveled. You’ll see so much more, meet the locals and venture down paths you’d never even have seen. On a similar note: take that detour! See a sign for an odd sounding ghost town or weird tourist attraction?

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